A sense of calm, the peace and quiet on the lake, or the exhilaration on hearing water pouring over and around obstacles as you efficiently negotiate passage through the chaos. With the path of the paddle through the water, a canoe will glide effortlessly over the still waters of a lake, or provide momentum and control where needed on the river.

As your paddle enters the water it invites you to take control, the perfect surface ripples around you, you hear the gentle noise of water moving, drips running from the paddle into the expanse below. Nature has much to offer the canoeist with day trips on lakes and rivers, expeditions and overnight camps. A chance to explore, find peaceful moments during the day, a connection with nature to discover the child inside.

We invite you to come and discover for yourself and see where your next paddle stroke may take you.

From beginner to advanced, solo or tandem, we offer a skills course to suit. The local lakes will allow you to develop and refine your personal skills whilst taking in the alpine scenery.

Stepping further into the mountain backdrop, the rivers of the Allgau allow a fuller understanding of moving water techniques, and all aspects of the path of the paddle to grow…

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Experience the outstanding Allgau region, the placid waters of an alpine lake to the world of clear blue-greens of the alpine rivers.

Take a trip over a few days exploring a river, or spend time on the water and in the mountains, with 2-3 days in canoe, then take to the mountains by foot staying in a mountain hut along the way….

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Tailor-made adventure weeks in the Allgau or further a-field can allow you to make your experience just perfect.

Canoe journeys tailored for you or woven together with other activities, make this trip your own....

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