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For 2013 we are currently based in the Swiss Alps, at Villars Sur Ollon.


The original base of adventurelifelinks was the Allgäu which is discribed here in detail as we still offer courses in this stunning area of the Alps.

Situated at the furthermost corner of South West Germany the Allgäu shares the countries’ border with the Austrian Tirol. The main towns are Sonthofen (Alpine town of the year in 2005), Immenstadt (rail hub for the area), and winter Olympic town of Obersdorf, famous for ski jumping and Nordic skiing.

Munich and Stuttgart are situated 2 hours northeast and north west respectively with Innsbruck in Austria 2 hours to the southeast over stunning mountain passes.

A most Northern region of the Alps the people of the Allgau have held onto many traditons and cultures through time. Farming lends itself to the typical green pastures where cow bells can be heard in the summer and skiing takes place through the winter.

Steeped in local culture, traditions, lederhosen, and local German breweries the Allgäu has much to offer the visitor.

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Things to see / do in the area - bavaria's allgau

Apart from the beautiful Bavaria Alps which offer fantastic scenery and options for mountain walking, hut to hutting and wildlife spotting, on the doorstep is the famous Neuschwanstein, also known to the UK as the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” castle.

Within the local area activities offered include many low level trails, dry walks up canyons known as Klamms, ballooning, paragliding, golf, tennis, horse riding, climbing, canyoning, klettersteiging, and biking trails including north-shore for the so inclined. www.allgaeu-abc.de

Alongside all this are, a water-ski park, high ropes courses set on a hillside, along with the Alpsee Coaster. A go-cart on rails, descending 3kms down a hillside which has to be experienced, is the longest in Germany. www.alpsee-bergwelt.de

The Wonnemar and Aquarius are two swimming pool and sauna facilities in the area offering slides, wave machines, indoor and outdoor swimming, massage and relaxation. Each town has an outdoor swimming pool known as a freibad costing €2-3 per person.

The allgäu is famous for it’s locally produced mountain cheeses and schnapps, as well as locally brewed beer. Cheeses and Schnapps are widely available from villages and town producers or shops. Tours of breweries are available throughout the year.

Festivals happen on a regular basis, included are full moon fests, Funkenfeuer where large bonfires are lit on the surrounding hills symbolizing a Celtic sacrifice, taking place on the first Sunday after shrove Tuesday. Viescheid is the traditional moving of cows from mountain pastures in early September, celebrated over 2 days and long into the evening. October fest during late September running into October.
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